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Cosmetic Consultation

We know you want to not only feel healthy but also have a beautiful appearance and smile, so we invite you to make an appointment for a complimentary cosmetic consultation in our dental office. Contact us at 701.280.0088 to schedule an appointment, or fill out an online inquiry here.

During this appointment, we will:
  1. Talk with you about your questions and concerns in a relaxed and comfortable manner.
  2. Review your medical and dental history and the condition of your current mouth and make the appropriate recommendations customized to your desires and budget.
  3. Utilize different technology, such as our cosmetic imaging software, to show you what your enhanced smile could like after a whitening, veneer or other cosmetic procedure.

We have seen time and time again the impact a new smile has on our patients.  They walk away with a new-found confidence, and are many times presented with new opportunities due to their improved appearance.  Contact us today to start your smile transformation!