Our Goal is Prevention

Here at Smile Care, prevention of tooth loss is our goal.  We want your teeth to last your entire lifetime.  We strongly urge you to practice good oral hygiene habits, and take the practical steps such as wearing a mouthguard to prevent injury to your mouth and teeth.  However, there are circumstances in which Dr. Paul may recommend the removal of one or more of your teeth, which is called a tooth extraction.

What is an extraction?

A tooth extraction is the removal of the tooth, which includes its root, from your jaw.

When is an extraction needed?

The main circumstances in which a tooth extraction would be recommended would be:
  • Overcrowding.  Your mouth may need to be prepared for orthodontics, where the main goal is to realign your teeth.  If there is crowding because your teeth are too large for your mouth, it is sometimes recommended to remove a tooth or teeth to help with that process.  Also, if a tooth is breaking the surface of your gum but your mouth does not have the room for the tooth, it may be recommended to remove it.
  • Periodontal (Gum) Disease.  Gum disease is the infection of the tissues and bone surrounding a tooth, which can loosen a tooth.  In this case, it may be best to remove the tooth.
  • Infection.  If your tooth has been damaged either due to trauma or decay, there is a chance that it will become infected.  In this case, it is sometimes best to remove the tooth to prevent the spread of the infection, after all other options are exhausted (such as root canal therapy or antibiotics).

For the simple extractions, Dr. Paul handles them here in our office.  For the more involved cases, such as the removal of multiple teeth or wisdom teeth, we would refer you to a trusted oral surgeon in town.