Dr. Paul and our team here at Smile Care are dedicated to preventive dentistry.  We are not in the business of profiting off of your poor oral health, so we do everything we can to prevent problems from occurring.  We want you to be healthy and happy, and sealants are one of the measures we use to prevent tooth decay.

What are sealants?

Sealants are a thin coating of protective plastic that is painted on your teeth and then hardened to prevent tooth decay.  The teeth that are often used the most frequently for chewing, usually your premolars or molars, are the ones generally covered with sealants, as they are the most susceptible to issues.

When are sealants needed?

Sealants are usually recommended as soon as a child’s permanent tooth erupts.  Although they last for sometimes up to ten years, there are times when they need to be replaced.  Our hygienists and Dr. Paul check on the condition of your sealants at every appointment to ensure they are intact and undamaged.